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Sauces are the soul of several Italian, American, and other Continental dishes. It adds flavour, moisture and texture to the dish. However, preparing various types of sauces over and over can take a lot of time. Additionally, chefs have to ensure the taste of the sauce is consistent, which can be a headache.

To make things easier for chefs, Food Service India (FSIPL) has brought to you a wide range of sauce premixes available online from our renowned brand, Chef’s Art. With our Chef’s Art brand, we aim to elevate every dish with professional sauce premixes. These sauces can be used as a dipping sauce, a condiment, or an ingredient in recipes, and they will be just as good every time.

If you are looking for ready-to-cook sauces that help you save time and effort, without compromising on taste or quality, Chef’s Art is for you. As India’s best food products manufacturer, we offer a wide assortment of sauces, perfect to savour with multiple dishes.

Best Sauce Base By Chef’s Art

A] American Sauces:

1. Cheesy White Sauce Base

Create a cheesy white sauce in minutes that gives you an authentic Italian-American taste. Made with the finest ingredients, perfectly blended for a rich creamy consistency. Create world-class Pasta, Mac n Cheese, Au Gratin, and Risotto using it. Also, check out chilly flakes by Chef’s Art for extra spice.

2. Smoky BBQ Sauce Mix

A smoky BBQ sauce is a must-have for any authentic American BBQ. But getting that smoky flavour is not always easy or viable. Our smoky BBQ premix sauce solves this problem. Infused with rich natural smoky flavour, it allows chefs to create authentic American dishes in no time.

B] Italian Sauces:

1. Pizza Sauce Premix

Chef’s Art’s pizza sauce is a blend of the finest spices and herbs along with several other ingredients. It is the perfect partner for several recipes like pizza, pasta, and sandwiches. Order sauces online to save time and money!

2. Red Pasta Sauce Mix

Seeking a flavourful, ready-to-cook red sauce for authentic Italian and Mediterranean dishes? Chef’s Art red pasta sauce mix is just the thing you need. Create world-class dishes with the taste of fresh tomatoes, herbs, and spices, in no time.

3. White Pasta Sauce Mix

Prepare a wide variety of authentic Italian cuisines with our silky smooth and decadent white sauce mix. Chef’s Art white sauce gives an ethnic touch of French and Italian cuisine to every dish you make. It is very simple to prepare and can save your kitchen staff valuable time and effort.

Why Should You Buy Sauces Online From FSIPL?

Being an experienced and reputed HoReCa manufacturer, FSIPL understands what a business needs the most. Our brand Chef’s Art is among the best in the country for seasonings, marinades, and of course, sauces. Made with the best ingredients and blended for perfection, our ready-to-cook sauces help chefs and kitchen staff save time and maintain taste consistency. Our sauce prices are also very economical for restaurants, hotels, and cafes.