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Premium Quality Food Seasoning Powder

Seasoning is all about marrying two ingredients together which blend perfectly to create a balanced, delicious food. A seasoning can be sweet, spicy or savoury. Adding the right combination of seasonings in the appropriate quantity can transform a bland dish into a delicious and satisfying meal that is enjoyed by all.

But what makes us an expert in seasonings? Well, if you have ever used a Piri-Piri seasoning in India, it is very likely that it came straight from Chef’s Art. Chef’s Art was the first brand to commercialise Piri-Piri seasoning powder in India. The success of delivering intense & well-rounded seasoning mixes made us the best in the Market.

When dealing with meat or fish, one can apply seasoning directly onto the fillet before cooking. However, when preparing a sauce, it’s best to add the chef’s art seasoning powder towards the end of the process. A seasoning can pull out moisture from the food, depending on what you’re cooking. If not prepared carefully it can ruin the dish. For meat, you might season it just before you cook it in the pan, or you could do it way ahead of time if you want the meat to firm up.

A] Different Types Of Seasoning Powders

1. Lebanese Seasoning Powder

If you are looking to bring out the authentic taste of the Middle East, try Chef’s Art’s range of Lebanese seasoning powders. Our Alfaham, Mandi, and Shawarma seasonings help you create many authentic Arabic dishes. Made from the best spices and condiments, mixed in the perfect ratio, our Lebanese seasoning powders assist chefs in making their dishes flavourful.

2. Chinese Seasoning Powder

When cooking Indo-Chinese or authentic Chinese dishes, chefs often have to spend a lot of time perfecting the spices and seasoning. With Chef’s Art Indo-Chinese and Wok Seasoning, chefs get a one-stop solution for all their Chinese dishes, saving time and effort. From fusion dishes to oriental gravies and momo fillings, enhance the taste of any Chinese cuisine.

3. Sprinklers

Add a unique flavour to any dish you like with our range of sprinklers. We offer unique blends of flavours like Chilli Flakes, Piri-Piri Sprinklers, Lemon Chilli, Lemon Pepper, and Chilli Garlic. Chef’s Art is also a pioneer in commercialising Piri-Piri seasoning in India. Bringing well-rounded seasoning mixes that infuse dishes with exquisite flavours.

4. Taste Enhancers

Taste enhancers are a vital ingredient in several cuisines. If you are trying to add a rich umami taste to your dish with a well-rounded flavour profile, try our taste enhancers. Our range of taste enhancers includes aromatic mix, premium lamb broth powder, chicken broth powder, and much more.

Other than the seasonings mentioned above, we offer a wide variety of seasonings for Indian, Italian, Mexican, American, and continental cuisines. Make your dishes memorable and delicious with a touch of our pre-mixed seasonings.

B] Why Choose Us?

More than just adding salt and pepper, seasonings are the secret weapon of chefs, transforming simple ingredients into culinary masterpieces. They awaken taste buds, bringing out the natural notes of your favourite foods.

As a leading supplier of food products and Horeca Distributor, we understand how seasoning quality can make a difference. Therefore, with multiple experiments, we have carefully curated our collection of seasonings which can transform the bland food to finger-licking good when cooked properly. Buy seasoning powder now and experience the difference for yourself!