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Ready To Cook Indian Gravies

Are you in need of a time-saving method to streamline the food preparation process and ensure that your customers are served promptly? Look to our ready-to-cook Indian gravies as the answer to all your kitchen efficiency needs! Gravy bases are the foundation of every commercial kitchen. A well-made gravy base can not only reduce the prep time but also make the food taste better.

Sunbay by Food Service India Pvt Ltd (FSIPL) is a brand dedicated to offering premium quality gravy base for a wide range of Indian dishes. Our intention with every product is to deliver freshness and nutrition while making it easier for commercial kitchens to maintain consistency.

A] Reasons To Buy Indian Gravy For Your Kitchen

Any commercial kitchen runs on the demands of the customer. With several dishes on the menu, creating every dish from scratch is not a viable option. Cooking any traditional Indian gravy-based dish from the ground up can take over an hour, which no customer would be willing to wait for.

To get around this problem, we have created various Indian gravy bases that you can simply pour and start using. These gravy mixes save time and effort for your entire kitchen staff and also ensure quality, taste, and consistency. Additionally, our ready-to-cook gravy bases can also be a cost-effective alternative to sourcing various ingredients necessary for ensuring authentic taste.

As a reputed HoReCa manufacturer and distributor, FSIPL has helped several hotels, restaurants, and cafes across the country become more efficient.

B] Types Of Dishes You Can Make Using Our Ready-Made Gravy Mix

Sunbay offers twenty-four unique ready-to-cook gravy bases that can be used to create a number of authentic and traditional Indian dishes. The following are a few examples of dishes that you can create without any hassle:

  • Salan Gravy: Salan is a type of aromatic, tangy, and spicy gravy, usually served as a side to biryani. We offer two variations of the dish, the standard Salan gravy and the Hyderabadi Salan Gravy.
  • Paneer Dishes: Our yellow and white gravy base is the perfect solution to cook paneer dishes like butter paneer, mutter paneer, and paneer makhani. Additionally, our no-onion and no-garlic, yellow and red gravy bases are perfect for restaurants serving Jain food.
  • Dal-Based Dishes: Sunbay’s Chopped Masala, Dal Makhani, and Sambhar gravy bases have the perfect blend of spices and seasonings, giving every dish you make a consistent homely taste.
  • Chicken Dishes: Similar to paneer dishes, a yellow and white gravy base can also be used for chicken gravy dishes like butter chicken.

C] Why Choose Sunbay By FSIPL?

When we launched our Sunbay ready-made gravy division in 2016, we had one goal in mind—to make it easier for commercial kitchens across the country to deliver authentic Indian dishes in minutes. With our years of innovation and a dedicated team of food scientists & expert chefs, we have created a wide range of gravy bases with rich flavour profiles, without compromising freshness and nutrition. As your trusted food products supplier, we ensure you get your hands on the best ingredients.