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Serenaded by Marinades: 3 must try marinades

Whether its fish, steak, chicken or veggies, spice up your summer menu with the help of a wide range of marinades and coatings offered by us. Even though grilled food tastes good just with a hint of salt and pepper, marinating meat and vegetables transforms the dining experience for any…

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Desi flavours making an appearance on bar menus

The Make in India fervour seems to be firing up restaurant kitchens too. And bar counters. This summer instead of strawberry martinis with Elderflower cordial, and Long Island Iced Tea, we saw a lot of desi cocktails and mocktails appearing on bar menus. Not just the ingredients, there was an…

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Hyper Local Cuisine – How Local Does Your Food Get?

Hyper-local is the buzz word of the moment, and we think it is exciting! Is this something you need to consider, and if so, what does it take to make your food service business offer hyper-local cuisine? What is the culinary experience you can create for your customers from hyper-local…

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