Hyper-local is the buzz word of the moment, and we think it is exciting! Is this something you need to consider, and if so, what does it take to make your food service business offer hyper-local cuisine? What is the culinary experience you can create for your customers from hyper-local food, and how interested do you think your customers will be on menus based on this trend?

What is hyper-local food? As we know, local food is that which is sourced near the place where it is consumed. Local, however, does not necessarily mean in the immediate environs of the consumer. There are definitions such as the one from the United States Department of Agriculture that a local product is one that comes from no more than 500 miles away, while other definitions suggest food from100-150 miles away. Either way, this is not exactly ‘next door’ and can take several days to reach the destination, impacting the freshness of the food and possibly requiring artificial means to preserve it.