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How Food Service India Can Streamline Your Restaurant Operations

More than 80% of new restaurants fail in the first five years of their business. It’s not that these restaurants do not serve good food, but the problem is often more nuanced. While most restaurant owners and managers enjoy the prospect of being part of the culinary industry, what they do not realise is there is more than what meets the eye.

Running a restaurant is no easy task. Of course, there’s the food part, but one also has to oversee the staff, inventory, compliances and regulations, and most importantly the profits. This is where Food Service India (FSIPL) comes in. For more than the last eight years, we have been helping streamline restaurant operations through various means. But, how do we do so? Let’s have a look.

6 Ways FSIPL Helps Restaurant Businesses Streamline Their Operations

1. Menu Development And Management

Having a well-designed and well-curated menu can drastically improve your guests’ experience. A simple menu with a bit of diversity helps customers find the flavour they are looking for. Meanwhile, it also becomes easier for the kitchen staff to become familiar with the dishes and deliver consistent taste.

Food Service India works closely with your chefs to develop and expand your menu. We consider a wide array of factors, such as your customer’s palate, local ingredients availability, industry trends, and the chef’s familiarity with the dishes. This helps to streamline the restaurant menu for both the guests and the staff.

2. Complete Kitchen Staff Training

Staff training is often one of the most under-invested aspects of a restaurant. Well-trained staff enhance professionalism and possess necessary soft skills. From chefs and cooks to servers, ensuring every person knows and understands the importance of their role is crucial for the smooth operation of a restaurant.

We provide complete staff training solutions for restaurants of all sizes. Our well-curated training programs are designed to be suitable for every type of restaurant. By ensuring every person on your staff is up-to-date with the latest procedures and techniques, you can rest assured that your restaurant is in capable hands.

3. Optimised Inventory Management

An optimised inventory management system can help you use your inventory to its fullest potential and reduce operating costs. Inventory mismanagement can lead to overstocking, which means several items are bound to be spoiled, being a waste of money. Meanwhile, not ordering goods when the inventory is running low could cause a shortage of crucial items in times of need.

FSIPL is a reputed food products manufacturer that takes care of this for you. We work with hundreds of restaurants to provide the right amount of products at the right time and price. With your inventory solutions taken care of, you can focus on creating delicious cuisines and delighting your customers.

4. Time-Saving Culinary Solutions

FSIPL is a leading manufacturer of a wide array of culinary solutions, from seasoning and taste enhancers to syrups. These culinary solutions have a longer shelf-life and are ready to cook, saving chefs precious time. These products simplify operations and help to ensure consistent taste 365 days a year.

Our various brands offer everything a restaurant needs from A to Z. Are you looking to buy spices online? Check out our premium spices brand Spicefield. Searching for the best marinades & coatings in India? Chef’s Art has got you covered. Marimbula has the most flavourful syrups, sauces, and crushes. Meanwhile, Sunbay has a range of gravies and chutneys to elevate your signature dishes.

5. Customised Solutions To Match The Business’s Needs

What might be best for one restaurant may not suit another–such is the restaurant business. So instead of doing the exact same thing as everyone else and becoming mediocre in the process, we help businesses carve an identity unique to themselves. We create innovative and sustainable solutions that suit the unique needs of your restaurant. From innovative dishes to operating standards, we are able to deliver custom solutions for all aspects of your business to maximise customer satisfaction and profitability. We are able to do this with the help of our state-of-the-art R&D facility equipped with a team of experienced chefs and food technologists.

6. Create a Standard Procedure

Having a standard procedure for everything is crucial to providing consistent services to every customer. There needs to be a standard operating procedure for every task including food prep, cleaning, and customer interactions. This improves the speed, quality, and consistency of your services.

We help to create a bespoke standard procedure for your establishment which ensures seamless operations. From sourcing ingredients to how to deal with customer complaints, we ensure every staff is familiar with and following the procedures.


If you own or manage a restaurant, you will know how difficult it is to manage every aspect of it. Food Service India makes your work easy by streamlining a wide range of procedures. We do it by considering market trends, your target audience, and the resources available to you.

We are one of the most reputed HoReCa manufacturers in India, offering a wide range of products and services especially curated for the Indian market. With over eight years of experience in the industry and having served over twenty thousand customers, we have the expertise to propel your restaurant to new heights.