Marimbula Anise

Product Benefits

• Add Flavour to beverage
• Higher fruit content
• Highly versatile and goes well with signature/speciality beverages
• 100% Vegetarian Product
• Applications – Sodas, Lemonades and Specialty Beverages
Size: 1000ml


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Use Instructions

Add 10 ML Syrup to 90 ML drink for 100 ml drink

Nutrition Information

ENERGY : 262 kcal, CARBOHYDRATES: 65.5 g, SUGAR : 65.2 g, PROTEINS : 0.00 g, FAT : 0.00 g

Solution Benefits

Maximize Output: Help you reduce the drink cost and increase profitability
Maximize Ratings: Consistent great tasting beverages helps you get positive reviews from customers
Minimize Cost: Higher fruit content enabling you create more drinks per bottle
Minimize Wastage: Versatile application allowing you to create multiple applications per flavours


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