Chef’s Art Chilli Garlic Sprinkler

It is a universal sprinkler which gives a delicious spicy garlicy punch to all dishes. Ideal for fries, vegetables, paneer and meat products.
Grammage : 500g


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Spices & condiments( Garlic, Chilly, Cumin, Onion, Oregano), Iodized salt, Flavor enhancer (INS 621,INS 627, INS 631), Maltodextrin (Corn), Acidity regulator (INS 296), Corn starch, Sugar, Natural & nature identical flavorings, Anticaking agent (IN 551), Lactose. CONTAINS ADDED FLAVOR(NATURAL AND NATURE IDENTICAL).


This product is a uniform combination of chilly, garlic, cumin and herbs which gives a very good feel of spices and herbs, that can be used in multiple applications. The chef’s don’t have to create multiple sprinklers for various dishes. It can be used a seasoning for a vast range of dishes in a conti kitchens, Kiosks, dark kitchens & QSR’s


It can be used as sprinkler on multiple dishes which give an ethnic feel of spices and herbs. Can be stored in 1 jar rather than multiple jars of different ingredients, saving space.


French fries, Chicken strips, Grilled vegetable/Chicken


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