Chef’s Art Lemon Pepper Sprinker

This is a very flavorful sprinkler with the freshness of lime and spiciness of pepper. The combination of lemon and pepper will make it suitable to be used on many dishes across cuisines. The lemon & pepper offers a very clean and tangy flavor profile with a mild heat from black pepper & chilli
Grammage : 500g


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Spices & condiments (Chilli, Back pepper, Garlic, Parsley), Iodised aslt, Sugar, Maltodextrin (Corn), Corn starch, Acidity regulator (INS 330), Flavour enhancer (INS 621,INS 627, INS 631), Natural & nature identical flavourings.CONTAINS ADDED FLAVOR(NATURAL AND NATURE IDENTICAL).


This product is a blend of lemon, garlic, pepper, chilly and herbs which has made it a delicious combination of citrus, earthy and spicy flavors. The chef’s do not have to squeeze and deseed lemons which can go bad and discolor if not fresh. The combination is a tried and tested combo.


Can be sprinkled on top of all dishes as it is coarser in texture. It enhances the taste and make the dish more salivating. It has mass appeal which allows for more hand to mouth trips. It’s perfect for all types of fried foods.


Fried chicken/fish, Grilled chicken/fish/paneer/potato, French fries, Baked chicken/fish & veg, Rotisserie chicken, Shawarma,


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