Chef’s Art Extra Hot and Spicy Marinade

Uniform spicy marination that allows the chef’s to make a hot & spicy marinade without using multiple ingredients to capture the authentic taste of spices & herbs. Helps with consistent & uniform taste and flavor release.
Grammage : 1000g


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Iodized salt, Chilly powder, Garlic powder, Flavor enhancer(E621), Stabilizer(E452, E451), Edible starch, Anticaking agent(E551). CONTAINS ADDED FLAVOR(NATURAL AND NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES


Like the name suggests the product offers a wonderful amalgamation of heat & umami to the dish. Consistent product with uniform application all over and release of heat with deep penetration of flavors. Allows chef’s to prevent purchases of various powdered spices & condiments to go into making an authentic hot & spicy marinade.


The marinade has applications for multiple dishes like fried chicken, chicken wings and also tenderizes the meat. The marinade has phosphates which break down the long protein chains in the meats, which allow the meat to become juicier and allows for superior flavor penetration. Has application for vegetarian dishes as well and is quite versatile.


Paneer popcorn, jumping potatoes, fried chicken tenders


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