Chef’s Art Piri Piri Sprinkler

An inspiration from the very hot Piri Piri Chilly pepper made famous the world over with it’s versatility. Piri Piri Sprinkler is a free flowing seasonings with superior coating and flavor impact delivery of chilli & spice
Grammage : 250g


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Spices and Condiments(Chilli, Blackpepper, Parsley, Oregano), Garlic powder, Iodized salt, Sugar, Tamarind powder, Onion powder, Lemon juice powder, Thickener(E415), Acidity regulator(E330).


Piri Piri Sprinkler offers the superior adherence to the applied products, offering efficiency in the kitchen. The chilly impact and lip smacking delivery of chilly, spices and tangy notes makes any dish sing.


As for the unique features of this sprinkler the chef’s can adjust dosages based on desired flavor impact. Can mix the sprinkler with various proteins and dishes to create magic. Allows for increased hand to mouth trips increasing the consumption, meaning more repeat orders


Pasta, Pizza, Sandwich, mayo, fries, Rice, sweet corn, paneer


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