Chef’s Art Tempura Batter Mix

Tempura Batter helps in Instant making of tempura battered products, which can be used with wide range of food products which will make any dish flavor, and makes product crispy, visually attractive with light golden color and a light batter which does not feel too heavy
Grammage : 1000g


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Corn starch, Spices and Condiments, Baking powder.


It creates a beautiful crust that’s tender and golden. Tempura crust is light and crisp, not thick, and is loaded with flavors which makes it one stop solution for all types of bases like Prawns, Fish, Calamari, Chicken and Mutton. Also, vegetables to make tempura veg which is an attractive snack with alcoholic beverages.


This product help you to save time for making tempura coated product with accurate quantity. The chef’s do not have to balance the ingredients to get the right batter consistence. Can be mixed with beer to make a beer batter.


tempura fried chicken, fish, prawns, calamari/squid and vegetables & tofu etc.


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