Springburst Lime Seasoning

Lime Seasoning Powder is a one-stop solution to all lime & Lemony requirements in the kitchen. It is a perfect substitute for citrusy tart notes and can be used in any dish in a main course, snacks or desserts and even in alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages
Grammage : 500g


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Dextrose, Acidity regulator(E330), Anticaking agent(E551), Lime juice powder(1%).CONTAINS ADDED NATURAL AND NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES.


This product locks the flavor which is similar to the taste of 142 limes, contains no artificial flavors and has a shelf life of 9 months, allowing you to store the limes in abundance without having to worry about its seasonal irregularity, price fluctuations and quality. Chefs do not have to squeeze and keep lime juice which tends to oxidize and turn bitter quickly in the heat of the kitchen, which chefs do not have to worry about with the use of lime seasoning


This product helps you save the trouble of squeezing, de-seeding, cutting limes every time by allowing you to just sprinkle the powder in the dish/beverage as per your desired quantity. Not only will the lime seasoning powder help you save time and efforts, but also allow you to maintain consistency in every use. The lime seasoning has natural flavors and oils which allows for fresh lime flavor delivery in a stable medium which is in a powdered form.


Ideal for making lime juice, mocktails, cocktails, bar snacks and salads


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