Chefs Art Pizza Spice Sprinkler

A universal flavoring solution for Pizzas, Pasta, Garlic Breads, Flat Breads and any all Italian and European dishes
Grammage : 1000g


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Dehydrated garlic, mixed spices & herbs (oregano, basil, chilli, black pepper), iodized salt.contains added flavor – natural & nature identical flavouring substances.


It’s an easy and affordable seasoning that helps in nearly all cooking situations. This product has the perfect flavor of oregano and spices to sprinkle on top of any snack, perfect accompaniment for pizza, Pasta, sandwich. The chefs do not have to worry about procuring single spices & herbs, rather this sprinkler gives balance to all dishes


Can be given as accompaniment for various pizza and pasta applications. Gives very good visual greenish ting and makes the dish more appealing. Chefs don’t have to procure different herbs & spices and avoid over complicating the order book and storage/inventory. The sprinkler have free flow ability for a better sprinkle and adherence


Pizza, pasta sauce, indian gravies,french fries , chicken nuggets , potato wedges. Also can be used as a rub for chicken or meat, or add to any dish where an extra enhance of flavor is required.


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