Chef’s Art Afgani marinade

Afghani marinade is a creamy aromatic beautifully luscious white marinade for tikkas and kebabs. The rich taste is a balance of aromatic spices & herbs which makes the tikkas & kebabs look and taste amazing.
Grammage : 500g


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Iodized salt, Spices and Condments(Black Pepper, Cardamom, Bay leaf, Bell Pepper, Chilli, Clove, Mace, Cinnamon), Starch, Sugar, Onion powder, Garlic powder, Hydrolyzed soya protein, Acidity regulator(INS 330).CONTAINS PERMITTED NATURAL COLOUR(INS140) AND ADDED FLAVOURS(NATURAL AND NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES).


Consistent taste every time. Can be used for multiple applications (chicken , mutton, paneer, soya, mushroom & vegetables). Easy to use and store. The chef’s do not have to proportion and create a marinade out of scratch. The easy of handling and application saves toil and effort making the kitchen more efficient


Saves time and effort in managing multiple inventory. Imparts unique flavor and aroma consistently every time. No variation in recipes. A standard product in any Indian menu. One of the most ordered Tikkas & Kebabs. Can be used in white gravies and kormas. Also, helps to tenderize the meats as The marinade has phosphates which break down the long protein chains in the meats, which allow the meat to become juicier and allows for superior flavor penetration.


Tikkas, Kebabs, Gravies,


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