Chef’s Art Crispy Cajun Breading mix

A great breading mix finding it’s inspiration from a region in USA famous for high impact comfort foods. Crispy Cajun breading mix offers a wonderful lingering flavor profile with the garlic, pepper, herbs and cayenne pepper impact
Grammage : 1000g


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Refined Wheat flour ( maida ),Corn starch, Iodised salt, Garlic powder,Mixed spices ( Black pepper, Celery, Chilli),Edible sunflower oil, Anticaking agent (E551).CONTAINS ADDED FLAVOR(NATURAL AND NATURE IDENTICAL).


This product imparts perfect cayenne pepper notes along with various herbs. It gives great texture of crispness with an aftertaste of spiciness and heat. It’s very versatile in any fried product applications. It captures the key signature notes of Cajun spices with cayenne pepper which is not available all the time and gives chef’s flexibility and avoids volatility in prices of spices


This product saves the trouble of mixing different spices and herbs to make a perfect Cajun seasoning. It allows to kitchens to reduce inventory cost and item lists to make a Cajun breading mix. Helps to increase hand to mouth trips with a superior aftertaste. Can be used with all proteins, helping to make an efficient menu.


Cajun fried paneer strips, crispy squids, pan fried chicken escalope


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