Chef’s Art Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Jamaican jerk marinade is a marinade which is having strong flavors of cumin, pepper, sweet spices and oregano. It has a balance of sweet, earthy and spicy flavors which penetrates deep into the meat and makes it really delicious.
Grammage : 400g


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Spices and Condiments(Cumin,Chilli, Black pepper,Coriander,Ginger,Cinnamon, Sesame,Clove,Star anise,Mace,Oregano, Rosemary,Thyme), Iodized salt, Sugar,Garlic powder, Onion powder,Lemon juice powder, Acidity regulator(E330).CONTAINS ADDED FLAVOURS (NATURAL AND NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES(smoke)


This product when marinated on meat and kept overnight will give a very strong taste of piquant spices that are authentic for Caribbean cuisines. It helps the chef’s to create an authentic jerk spice notes without the need to create their own spice blend. The jerk seasoning has very Indian notes too and can be used for fusion creations making a cross with creole cuisine as well.


Jamaican jerk marinade is more time saving and it helps to make delicious and juicy chicken in a very short time span. The jerk seasonings offers flavor impact and depth which allows for more hand to mouth trips and salivation. The chicken becomes very flavorful. Jerk spice can be used in a multitude of proteins even fish & red meats.


Paneer, Potato, Grilled Chicken/vegetable


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