Chef’s Art Mild Breading Mix

The mild breading mix has a delicate flour consistency and its golden and barbed flakes are formed during breading and frying. there will be the crispness of the breading in every bite, because after biting, pull apart or cutting a piece of meat, it adheres ideally to the protein.

Weight : 1000gm


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Corn starch, Refined Wheat flour ( maida ), Baking Powder[Acidity regulator(E541(i)), Raising agent(E500(ii)], Iodized salt,Spice(Chilli,Turmeric).


Gives the advantage of not devising their own recipe and procuring single ingredients for the kitchen. Allows for tiny barbed flakes which catch on to all seasonings and condiments for a superior flavors profile.


This product saves the difficulties of mixing of different ingredient to make perfect breader with light spices. It helps you save time and efforts, gives consistent product and perfect crisp texture every time.


This can be use for crunchy coatings of chicken and fish


Chef's Art


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