Chef’s Art Malai Tikka Base

It is a marinade which has highly aromatic flavors of cumin, pepper, sweet spices, herbs, milk solids and kasoori methi. It has a balance of sweet, earthy, and spicy notes with richness of cream, cardamom flavors which penetrates deep into the meat or veggies and makes it really delicious
Grammage : 500g


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Iodised salt,Mixed spices(allspice, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamonbayleaf, mace, black pepper, fennel, clove), Milk solids, Dehydrated vegetable powder(garlic,onion), Stabilizer(E451), Thickenerr(E415), Acidity regulator(E330), Anticaking agent(E551).CONTAINS ADDED FLAVOR (NATURAL AND NATUREIDENTICAL).


This product when marinated on meat and kept overnight will give a very strong taste of piquant spices that are authentic to Indian cuisines. The richness balances the over all flavor and helps to retain the juiciness of the proteins.


It is more time saving and it helps to make delicious and juicy chicken in a very short time span. The chef’s do not have to store and order many individual spices and finalize a recipe and spice ratio. It is one of the highest selling variants of tikka’s and requires standardized recipe which can we offered with the help of this product


Paneer, Potato, Grilled Chicken/vegetable.


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