Chef’s Art Thalassery Biryani Seasoning

Thalassery biryani originates from the amalgamation of tastes from Mughlai kitchens with Malabari/Kerala cuisine with it’s own interpretation of delicately spicing the foods and invigorating soft luscious aroma and taste on palate. The seasoning is rich amalgamation of our spice heritage. It offers a solution which has multiple applications.
Grammage : 500g


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Mixed spices &Herbs (Chilli ,Coriander , Kasurimethi , Cinnamon,Caraway , Ginger ,Clove ,Cardamom , Turmeric ) ,Iodized salt ,
Sugar, Onion powder,Garlic powder, Hydrolysed vegetable protein ( soya ),Refined Wheat flour (Maida ) , Milk solids , Coconut milk powder, Acidity regulator ( INS 270),Natural & nature identical flavourings.CONTAINS ADDED FLAVOURS-NATURAL AND NATURE IDETICAL FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES.


It is an easy solution for creating authentic Thalassessy Biryani recipe, can avoid multiple steps of adding various ingredients and same consistency in flavor every time. The consumers once get used to the authentic taste do not change their biryanis often. This seasoning is the most balanced expression of taste of this southern Indian biryani


Main benefit is the ease of cooking as the blend consist of the spices that gives distinctive taste. The chefs do not have to store multiple ingredients at a time. They can use simple proportions to create smaller and larger portions biryanis, kebabs & gravies. The multi step processes can be made simpler by using this solution. Its a multi use seasoning


Thalassery Biryani, Kebabs & Tikkas, Marinades, gravies