Chef’s Art Oregano Spice Sprinkler (Sachet)

Ideal sprinkler for all western and fusion dishes and can also be used in any dish of choice to give an extra herby note.
300 Pcs


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Iodized Salt, Garlic Powder, Spices& herbs( Pepper, Oregano(12%), Basil, Chilly, Thyme), Anti caking agent( E551).


This product has the perfect flavor of oregano and spices to sprinkle on top of any snack, perfect accompaniment for pizza, Pasta, sandwich with superior visual specs and taste characteristics


Sachet helps in reducing wastage since you only open as required. Can be given as accompaniment for various pizza and pasta applications. Gives very good visual greenish ting and makes the dish more appealing. Chefs don’t have to procure different herbs & spices and avoid over complicating the order book and storage/inventory. The sprinkler comprises of ingredients that’s allow for free flow ability


Pizza, pasta, garlic bread, salads, sandwiches, grilled vegetable


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